Sunday, 18 November 2018

Indoor League 16th November

Junior Division

Team D beat Team C by 29 runs. Team C 70-2 (Tom Bromirskyj  10 not out, William Poole 11. Isaac Bottomley 2-14). In reply Team D 99-1 (James Cox 23 not out, Max Percival 18 not out. Will Shaefer 1-24).

Senior Division
Team D beat Team C by 32 runs. Team D 115/3. (Cameron Clarke 36 not out, Finlay Clarke 24, Alex Pinkney 16 not out. Freddie Hendrix 1-25)
In reply team C 83/5 (Tom van Niekerk 20 not out, Freddie Hendrix 15. Joe Carruthers 1-17, Finlay Clarke 1-20).

Friday, 9 November 2018

Indoor League 9th November

Junior Division

Team A 110 for 2 (Joe White 36 not out, Raam Raj 16 not out, Alice Hutchinson 1-16) beat Team B 89 for 1 (Thomas Pyrah 25 not out, Joel Harrod 10 not out, Joe White 1-9)

Senior Division

Team A 120 for 4 (J Percival 32 not out, T Wooff 17, J White 27 not out, T Pyrah 16, A Ralph 1-22 G Stewart 1-27)) beat Team B 109 for 3 (A Nimmo 17 not out, G Stewart 30 not out, A Ralph 14 not out, H Shepherd 21, J White 2-25)

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Indoor League Teams and Fixtures

Each division contains four teams, note there are year 6 and year 7 players who have been put in teams in both divisions.

The first two players named in each team have "Pro" status. The first named player is Team Captain, they have the responsibility for determining batting and bowling order and communicating this to fellow team members.

Fixtures are as follows, with junior division matches starting at 7.00pm and senior division at 8.00pm. The venue is Richmond School Sports Hall, the entrance to which is down steps at the extreme left hand end of the school buildings.

Friday 9th November, A v B
Friday 16th November, C v D
Friday 23rd November, A v C
Friday 30th November, B v D
Friday 7th December, B v C
Friday 14th November, A v D

Junior Divsion Teams

Team A

Joseph White
Lorcan O'Neill
Bobby Walker
Harry Veitch
Raam Raj
Hamish Cossens

Team B

Jack Platt
Edward Player
Alice Hutchinson
Thomas Pyrah
Joel Harrod
Rebecca White

Team C

Will Shaefer
Thomas Bromirskyj
Daisy Pyrah
Ralph Hoskyns-Abrahall
William Poole
Beth Poole

Team D

Isaac Bottomley
Max Percival
Alf Bottomley
Bertie Morris
James Cox
Zac Stolarski

Senior Division Teams

Team A

Alex Percival
Jake Percival
Thomas Wooff
Joseph White
Thomas Pyrah
Max Percival

Team B

Gabriel Stewart
Alex Nimmo
Henry Bushell
Andrew Ralph
Will Shaefer
Henry Shepherd

Team C

Tom Van Niekerk
Jack Van Niekerk
Freddie Hendrix
Lorcan O'Neill
Isaac Bottomley
Jack Platt

Team D

Cameron Clarke
Joe Carruthers
Harvey Olney
Finlay Clarke
Will Newson
Alex Pinkney

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Indoor League Rules

The changes for this year are in bold italics.

Matches are six players a side, ten overs per innings.
Bowlers each bowl a maximum of two overs.
All bowling is from one end, at the end of an over, the batters change ends.
The wicketkeeper does not bowl, the wicketkeeper may only be changed during the match if they are injured whilst playing.
Each team has two players with “pro” status. Players with pro status must open the batting and bowl their overs in the first four overs of the game.
On the fall of the 5th wicket, “last man standing” applies, the batter who is out goes to the non-striker’s end to play as a runner only; the last remaining not out batter faces all deliveries. If the runner is run out, that is the final wicket and the innings is over.
Batters 1 and/or 2 must retire at the end of the 4th over if batters 3 and/or 4 have yet to bat.
Batters 3 and/or 4 must retire at the end of the 8th over if batters 5 and/or 6 have yet to bat.
All players must have a turn of at least one of: batting, bowling or wicketkeeping. If the side batting first is dismissed before all bowlers have bowled, then when it is their turn to bat, the bowlers who did not get a bowl must bat first.
The second innings in a match continues until all wickets fall or the overs are complete, whichever comes first, regardless of match result, because in the event of a tie on matches won, points scored will decide league positions.
Batters also retire on passing 25 points (or 50 if they do really well), retired batsmen may bat again once all in their side have batted. Once they have passed 50, batters may not face any more deliveries, they may continue as a runner only.
No balls or wides are not bowled again, except the final over of an innings, which must contain six good deliveries. If the umpire suspects a wide or no-ball is deliberate, e.g. to keep a strong batsman off strike, it must be bowled again.
A delivery which bounces more than twice before it reaches the batsman is a no ball, but “technical” no balls will only be given if the bowler gains an unfair advantage. E.g. only a fast bowler will be penalised for “throwing” or overstepping the line.
All bowlers must initially bowl overarm, the umpires may instruct a bowler to bowl underarm or from closer to the batter if they feel the bowler cannot bowl fair overarm deliveries.
No LBWs unless the umpire feels the batsman is deliberately using their leg(s) to defend their wicket and has not tried to hit the hall.
Batsmen can be out caught off a wall or ceiling as long as the ball has not been hit for six, struck the floor, or become lodged in a net or other gym equipment.
If a side is short of players, the lowest scoring batter gets an extra innings, each captain picks one bowler to bowl an extra over.
Two points are scored for every run that is physically run.
If the ball hits the wall behind the bowler, a boundary is scored. Four points are scored if the ball touched the ground first, six points if the ball does not touch the ground first.
If the ball hits any other wall, one point is scored per wall.
Scoring is cumulative, e.g. if a batsman hits the ball against a wall and runs, they score points for both hitting the wall and for the runs that have been run.
The batting side scores two points for a wide or no ball.
Umpires may award the batting side 5 runs if they feel the bowling team has deliberately not taken a wicket, e.g. not tried to take a catch, in order to prevent a retired batter returning.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Indoor league Entry Forms

For those who were not able to enter at the Presentation Evening, entries are now open, below is a link to download a form.

Click here for form

Thursday, 11 October 2018

2018 Indoor League

The 2018 Indoor League will be played on Friday nights in Richmond School Sports Hall, with the first fixtures on Friday 9th November.

There will be a junior division playing games at 7.00pm and a senior division playing at 8.00pm.

The games will be suitable for players from years 2 to 10 inclusive, depending on numbers there may well be an opportunity for some players in the middle of the age range to play in both divisions. The only stipulation on ability is that players need to be able to bowl overarm.

The rules, which include forced retirements of batters, ensure that all players get to bat and bowl (except keeper). Games will be played with an Incrediball (or unbranded equivalent) which has a soft core.

Strong players will be assigned "pro" status, this does not mean they will be paid, "pro" batters will be made to bat against "pro" bowlers and vice-versa.

Players will be assigned to teams, teams will have weeks off when they do not have a game, so it is possible to work around cub camps, visits to grandparents, etc...

2018 Junior Presentation Evening

The 2018 Junior Presentation Evening will be held on Friday 19th October at the Clubhouse, with the presentations starting at 7.00pm.

Awards from under 9 up to and including under 15 age groups will be presented.

There will be food provided free of charge from 6.30 pm.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Junior presentation evening raffle

Tom Ward is raffling/auctioning a signed Durham Bat and Two pairs of T20 tickets at the junior presentation evening.
Tom has been with Richmondshire Junior teams since the age of 6 and the past two season has played adult cricket as well.

As he’s been selected to go with Durham’s Junior Academy this Christmas to Dubai where they will be playing teams from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka & UAE, part of the deal is that the players have to work together to fund-raise the money to go to learn the value of money which is the right way to do it.

If you can’t be there on the night and would like to leave any bids please contact Lee York on 07889472224.

Sunday, 23 September 2018


Breaking news: Richmondshire are the ECB National Club Champions after beating Stanmore in the final in Bristol today.

Chasing 120 in a reduced over game, the lads needed 123 to win (using Duckworth Lewis Scoring) and they made it in the last over, finishing on 125-5.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

2018 Junior Presentation Evening

The 2018 Junior Presentation Evening will be held on Friday 19th October at the Clubhouse, with the presentations starting at 7.00pm.

Awards from under 9 up to and including under 15 age groups will be presented.

There will be food provided free of charge and entries for the Indoor League will be taken on the night.

In order to get trophies engraved for the new winners, we need 2017 winners to return their trophies to the clubhouse please. (Under 9 awards are perpetual and do not need to be returned)

Under-13s sponsorship

We are pleased to announce that the under-13s have secured sponsorship from Richmond Meet for the 2019 season. 

You can read the full story on the club website.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

ECB Under 19 T20 competition, Durham Final

The club's under 19 team have reached the Durham final as a result of winning the North Yorkshire South Durham area competition.

The final against Sacriston, a club from the North Eastern Premier League, is at 6.30 pm on 17th September at Durham CCC's Riverside ground. For those concerned about light at this time of year, please note the game is being played under floodlights.

Note: the organisers are keen to get under 11s there to form a guard of honour for the teams and to provide some further cricketing entertainment, further information to follow.

Monday, 10 September 2018


Thanks to everyone who bought and sold tickets in the club raffle; we made nearly £900.

Cricket festival

Well done Darlington on their win in the under-11 cricket festival, but but we saved the best game until last when the Richmondshire A vs Richmondshire B game went down to the very last ball.
Great season for the under-11s!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Cricket festival teams

Teams for the U11 Festival are below Please meet at the ground at 12.45pm, ready to start the first game at 1.00pm prompt. 

Richmondshire A
Fin Clarke (Capt)
Will Shaefer
Jack Van Niekirk (Wkt)
Oliver Aston
Lorcan O'Neill
Eddy Player
William Poole
Zac Stolarski
Max Dunne
Jonathan Moffatt
Richmondshire B
Joseph White (Capt & Wkt)
Andrew Ralph
Max Percival
Jack Platt
Isaac Bottomley
James Cox
Raam Raj
Rebecca White
Emmy Raggett
Sam Birkbeck

Under-11 cricket festival

The format for Sunday is as follows:

4 ten-a-side teams - 2 x Richmondshire, Barnard Castle and Darlington

There will be six games in all, with two games in progress at the same time. It will be usual pairs rules, with each game consisting of ten overs per side, so that means each pair will face two overs and bowlers will get one over each, with one bowler getting an extra over.

We think each game will last for 75 minutes so starting at 1pm we expect to be finished by 6pm.

The trophy will be won by the team at the top of the league, with net run rate being used in case of a tie.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Training news

This weeks training

U11s and U9s Friday 07th at the main ground 6.00 till 7.30

Bristol here we come!

Congratulations to the 1st team on their semi-final success against Northern on Sunday.

They will now go on to play in the final of the National Club Championship on Bristol.

Thanks for all the amazing support on Sunday

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Under-11 inter-team game

Please see below for tomorrow’s teams. Sorry for the delay in getting these sorted - what a nightmare it’s been! You’ll notice a few illegal players in the line ups - it’s the best I can do! Here are the adapted rules!
1. Neither wicketkeeper will bat for their team, only field (and not bowl).
2. The Willow Whackers will field first so that Cameron can get off to U13s training at 6.30 (thanks for helping us out Cam!)
3. Each team’s last pair will consist of a batter who hasn’t yet batted (and will therefore bat for all 4 overs) and 2 other batters - both who will bat for 2 of the final 4 overs. 1 batter will be chosen by the captain of the batting side and the other will be chosen by the captain of the bowling side.
4. Everyone must bowl at least two overs - with two fielders bowling three overs.
5. Other than that it’s a normal 16 over pairs game!!!

Please arrive ready to begin at 5.30pm prompt!

White’s Willow Whackers - Fielding first (home changing room)
Joe White (Capt)
Andrew Ralph
Will Shaefer
James Cox
Daisy Pyrah
Zac Stolarski
Sean Monaghan
Cameron Clarke (Wkt)

Clarke’s Classy Cutters - Batting First (away changing room)
Fin Clarke (Capt)
Jack Platt
Max Dale
Owen Wetheral
Thomas Pyrah
Rebecca White
Amelie Butterwick
Mike White (Wkt)