Richmond U13 Hambleton Lg team

To all parents and guardians of U13 players (those in Yrs 7 and 8)

Richmond have entered teams into two competitions this year. As a club we have always prioritised performance in the NYACC competition. This is the team run by Darren that usually plays on a Tuesday night (Thursday this week). But to maximise opportunities for all, we've also entered a team in the Hambleton Lg, which I look after, it will usually play on a Sunday morning.

To ensure all players get maximum opportunity to work on their skills, we've arranged for this team to play in a 10 a side "pairs" format. This means all players in this team are guaranteed a 4 over batting partnership, and at least 2 overs of bowling in each game.

My selection strategy is firstly to pick all players attending practice regularly who didn't play in the NYACC team that week, followed by others in the NYACC team that week who would like extra games to work on their skills in a relaxed, but competitive environment (we play the likes of Masham, Bedale, Northallerton)

Unfortunately work commitments take me to London each week, so I cant be at the Wed night practice to see who's around. I will be liaising with Darren and Lee to ensure all are included, but please contact me on the number below if:
a. your child is attending practice but not being offered a regular game
b. your child is getting a regular midweek game in the NYACC team, but would particularly like extra games to work on their skills

Thanks, Adrian Fletcher (07812 580732)


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