Pace bowling coaching for older juniors

The club has received this email from Chris West, President of the NYSD league. Please contact me if interested. Jim

Durham Academy have been in touch to offer specializing coaching sessions on pace bowling, an area they are currently experiencing a shortage in. These would be for young fast bowlers in the 15 to 17 age group. They are looking to offer 3 to 4 sessions in November in the Stockton area.

This is a great opportunity to help your young players, and thus your own club, progress and develop. It is not limited to Durham teams alone – it is open to any NYSD club and offers the chance for everyone to benefit. Player surveys have consistently highlighted that one of the things that most enthuses players is the chance to experience quality coaching, so this should be a great help to you in retention of players, participation etc.

I have to respond to Durham by the 20th September with details of anyone interested. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose for your club – please let me have details of any youngster in the age brackets indicated who would like to take advantage of this offer. In the first instance please let me have their name, telephone number and/or e mail address.


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