Stockton will win U13 league

This morning's score was Richmondshire 107 for 6 (259 net), Stockton 105 for 2 (289 net). Stockton made a better job of playing spin bowling on a wicket that turned a bit.

Stockton batted first, with their second and third pairs scoring well. A strong hitter in the second pair scored 29 not out. Our bowling was tidy, particularly from Toby Lush and Harvey, but only two wickets fell, to James Irving and Jonny Carr.

As there was only 16 to deduct from the Stockton score, it was quite a challenging target. We started well, but when the Stockton spinners came on it got more difficult, losing one wicket in the second pair, two in the third pair and three in the fourth. When Jacob and Toby came out as last pair, 70-odd were needed to win, they played well, Toby hitting 30 not out, but it was not enough.

Stockton are unbeaten in the league with one match to go against one of the weaker teams, so I am pretty certain they will be deserving winners of the U13 league. There was nothing to be ashamed of in today's performance; we now have spinners who are coming along nicely and will be able to give our batsmen practice against spin.


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