Indoor Premier League Teams and Fixtures

Matches will take place at St Francis Xavier School, Darlington Road, Richmond. The entrance to the Sports Hall is found by going round the left hand side of the buildings, past the tennis court. Matches will start at 6.00pm, 7.00pm and 8.00pm. Please be there 10 minutes before the start of the game.


Team A: James Irving ,Tom Spensley, Connor Mc Sherry, Josh Dixon, Theo Spensley, Ethan Potts. Manager Peter While, tel 01748 821834 or 07980 165057.

Team B: Matthew Price, Jonny Carr, Griffin Bewell, George McCowie, Tom Ward, Toby Broderick. Manager John Broderick, tel 07739 645555.

Team C: Jack Smith, Harvey Websdale, Edward Lewington, Kyle Galloway, Liberty Noke, Henry Noke. Manager Phil Noke, tel 07791 271141 or 07817 755784.

Team D: Ted While, Jonathan Carlton, Lewis Bell, Barnaby Fairley, Jake Hall, Patrick Carlton. Manager Liz Carlton, tel 01748 823325.

Team E: Adam Heseltine, Joe Alderdice, Owen Greaves, James Norman, Ben Williamson, Charlie Stephenson. Manager Mike Heseltine, tel 01748 823558.

Team F: Sam Potter, James Kelly, Ryan Campbell, Liam Laverick, Ben Dale, Joe Carruthers. Manager Andy Kelly, tel 01325 339847 or 07961 045446.

Team G: Georgi Walker, Adam Langhorne, David Russell, Matthew Jinks, Daniel Sharp, Casper Stone. Manager Damian Jinks, tel 01748 821400.

Team H: Alex Rowe, John Clark, Matthew Clark, Daniel Baines, Jonathan Baines, Dylan Gray. Manager Les Rowe, tel 07941 388160.

There is currently one reserve player. If somebody cannot play, please can they tell me or their Manager, so someone else can take their place.


Teams A, B, C and D are in league 1.
Teams E, F, G and H are in league 2.

11th Nov: 6.00pm A v B, 7.00pm C v D, 8.00pm E v F.
18th Nov: 6.00pm G v E, 7.00pm H v F, 8.00pm A v D.
25th Nov: 6.00pm F v G, 7.00pm B v C, 8.00pm E v H.
2nd Dec: 6.00pm B v D, 7.00 pm A v C, 8.00pm H v G.
9th Dec: Semi Finals and Final

Any questions, please contact Jim While on 01748 821834. At the time of posting, team Managers do not have any more information than is posted here, so please do not contact them with questions.


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