U15 Game vs East Harlesley Tues 19th July Home

This is the final game of the season for the Hambleton League and we are playing East Harlesley in the final of the cup. To be eligible to play you have to have played in at least 2 league games, which all the players below have. Mainly year 10 players as well as a spin bowler and an extra fast bowler have been selected. Obviously not all the U15 squad can play as we have such a large & talented group to choose from. We would however welcome all U15 players to attend as this has been a whole squad effort to get to the final.

6pm Meet at Richmond ground for a 6.30 start. We will have 2 neutral umpires to run the game.

A. Barlow, A.Cocks, J. Conway, M. Cullen (wk), L. Deighton (C), A. Langhorne, J. Mercer, D. Osborn, J. Southcott, C. Swift, D. Walker, & P. While (n 12 & official scorer)

All players are asked to wear a Howarth Timber shirt as they are our squad's sponsor.

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