Ladies and girls softball

Games played with a soft ball, very similar rules to the under 9s, everyone bats, everyone bowls, intended to be very relaxed. 

Likely to be suitable for players of all ages, from under 9 upwards. Soft ball means no requirement for protective equipment.

Games likely to be played as a series of mini-festivals on a Sunday afternoon, May to July. There would not be a game every week. Probably 4 teams would play in a mini festival, with each team playing 3 short games on the same afternoon, with 2 games taking place at the same time to minimise waiting between games.

We and a number of other clubs in the Hambleton League coverage area have expressed an interest in taking part, e.g. Bedale, East Harlsey, North Stainley.

We would intend to do some training/practice sessions on Friday nights at the same as junior training  to get players familiar with the format.

If you are interested please speak to a junior committee member or team manager.


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