End of U13s Hambleton Lg Season....but more U13s cricket available!!

Hi all, just to say that the U13 Sunday morning Hambleton League season has now finished. It was a term time only league. There was talk of a cup competition over the summer hols, but I have been told this will not now happen.

However, there are still Richmond U13 games to be had in the NYACC cup competition (Darren's midweek team). The summer hols will mean reduced availability of players and increased opportunities for all those who practice, so please all continue to attend Wednesday training!

It just remains to say thanks to all the players for their enthusiasm and commitment. There's been real development in cricketing skills amongst the group, which was our primary aim in running this team. Thanks also to all the parents for their help and support. Most notably John Pinkney, our regular scorer and subs collector, who has been a huge help!

Thanks, Adrian


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