Under 9 match report - Emmy runs Bedale Raggett

Well, not quite, as the margin of victory in the end was 7 runs but I came up with the headline after Emmy hit a couple of nice boundaries when batting. The victory margin should have been 12 runs, but Raam took a wild shy at the stumps off the last ball which went to the boundary, giving Bedale five overthrows.

Richmondshire were asked to bat, there was steady accumulation from the first two pairs comprising Daisy, Becca, Amelie and Sophie, before a bit more excitement came, as usual, when William and Archie batted. William hit a boundary but was out once and Archie out twice when he made the mistake of hitting the ball in the air towards the most competent Bedale fielders. Subsequent attempts to launch the ball into outer space, where he could not be caught, resulted in no further contact between bat and ball. The final pairing of Emmy and Raam ensured we built a competitive score, Emmy hitting two boundaries and Raam three. At the between innings break, players from both teams enjoyed flapjack from the club's new sports nutrition supplier, Pyrah Technics, (whose products put fire in your belly), whilst the super bright LED scoreboard displayed a Richmondshire score of 279 net.

When Bedale came to bat, all pairs displayed a level of competence with the bat, with each pair managing to score boundaries. Fortunately, the Richmondshire bowlers managed to control the donation of "free runs" through extras to a level that the Bedale scoring rate fell behind the required rate, even though they only lost two wickets, to, from memory Amelie and Archie. Raam attempted to emulate Vinoo Mankad in the last over, but his appeal for a runout at the non-strikers end was turned down on the controversial grounds that it is not an acceptable way for Richmondshire U9s to try to take wickets. The last ball of the innings brought chaos as Bedale ran overthrows, but once the ball passed the boundary, the ball was dead and the game over, as was the flapjack.


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