Indoor League week 5

Junior Division 

A  very close game only 3 runs between the teams:
Team C 110 W Shaefer 34 F Clarke 23 H Wright 13
Team B 107 A Ralph 43 W Poole 10

As a result, Team C win the junior division, here is a picture of them with the trophy:

Senior Division

Team B won leaving the league open to the final game
Team B scoring 113 for 5 T Wooff 21 A Nimmo 17 A Percival 3 for 14
Team C 83 all out S Ganesh 18 F Hendrix 18 T Broderick 2 for 14 W Newson 1 for 13 

Runs scored will decide the winners, 

Team B have finished with 1 win and 289 runs
Team C have finished with 2 wins and 323 runs

If Team D win next week and score 77 runs they will win the league
If Team A win next week and score 146 runs they will win the league

Team C will win the league if next week's winners do not score enough runs to overhaul them.


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