Indoor League entries to date

I am publishing this to enable errors and omissions to be pointed out to me.

This is my list of entries as of 21:30, Sunday 15th October

Hamish Cossens
Bobby Walker
Freddie Smith
Raam Raj
Joseph White
Edward Player
Cicely Cossens
James Cox
Tom Bromirsky
Jack Platt
Max Percival
Isaac Bottomley
Rebecca White
Oliver Ashton
Henry Wright
Andrew Ralph
Max Dale
Finlay Clarke
Jack Van Niekerk
William Shaefer
Elsa Wright
Tom Arundell
James Coyle
Thomas Wooff
Jake Percival
Owen Witherell
Freddie Hendrix
Tom Van Niekerk
Joe Syddall
Harvey Olney
Alex Pinkney
Will Sharp
Will Arnold
Luke Young
Will Newson
Kai York
Gabriel Stewart
Toby Broderick
Joe Carruthers
Zak Cleminson
Alex Percival
Henry Shepherd
Jonny Baines
Henry Bushell
Griffin Bewell
Alex Speakman


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