U13 match 2nd May at Blackhall

Richmond vs Blackhall U13 NYACC 02nd May Away at Blackhall

J Baines (C)
B Dale
T Ward (W)
A Potter
J Carruthers
K York
H Mcfarlane
G Rutherford
H Shepherd
J Bowler Jones
P Carlton

Post code for Blackhall ground TS274LX

Blackhall is the most distant away fixture and a bit different to some of the places we go, with lots of numbered side streets at right angles to the main street. If you can count past ten, you should not get lost.

You come into Blackhall on the B1281 from Castle Eden, when you come to the tee junction with the main street, also known as the A1086 or Middle Street, turn left and go in this direction for about 500 metres.The ground is in Welfare Park, the entrance to the park is on the left, on the junction of Eleventh Street and Middle Street. You will know when you are getting there, because you will pass Ninth and Tenth Street first.


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