Teams for under 11 festival

All of the  players who declared an interest in playing will get a game as long as they are there in time for the games starting at 2.00pm. The following measures will ensure that all players get a game:

(i) Barton do not have a full team, so players from the Richmond squad will play for Barton in each game.

(ii) The Richmond A v Richmond B game will be played as a ten a side game if necessary to give all our players a game.

These are the two Richmond teams selected by John Broderick and Jim While, If these players arrive in good time to start their first match, they will play two league games for these teams and be the team that goes through to the final if they win their mini league.

Richmond B, first game 1.00 pm

Kai Yorke
Gabriel Stewart
Harry Laviolette
Toby Broderick
Alex Pinkney
Joe Syddall
Andrew Ralph

Joseph White

Richmond A, first game 2.00 pm

Joe Carruthers
Zac Cleminson
Alex Laviolette
George Rutherford
Will Arnold
Will Newson
William Mawer
Adam Pollard


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