Directions to InfantryTraining Centre for Winter Coaching

Approaching Catterick from Richmond, go past Tesco and straight on at the roundabout towards Scotton.

After a mile you will reach the roundabout at the main entrance to the Infantry Training Centre, which you can see near the top centre of the map below.

At the roundabout turn right and go to the main gatehouse to present your credentials.

Head through the security gate and join Messines Road.

Proceed along Messines Road until you reach the junction with Blandford Road, turn left and head south until you reach the junction with Vimy Road.

Turn right onto Vimy Road, then immediately left and the ITC indoor facility is in front of you. You can park in the car park at the east side of the ITC building.

The ITC building is the large white rectangle at the bottom of the map, just to the right of the map scale.

Threading your way through the Army buildings is a little complex, so for the first week it will be best to meet at the gatehouse and then go through in a convoy.

Click on the link below to see the map.


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