Supporting ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Most of you will no doubt be aware that the club was broken into in the early hours of Friday morning, as reported in the Northern Echo.

What you may not be aware of is that the thieves stole from our ABF collection boxes, which we were due to hand to Jim Duffy of the ABF this coming week.

We estimate that the boxes contained around £500, money collected through the hard work of club staff and the generousity of its supporters.

We're determined that ABF The Soldiers' Charity will not lose out because of the callous actions of a few, and we'd ask you all to show your support at tonight's presentation.

An e-mail and text message will be sent to every member and supporter of the club, asking them to show their solidarity and come down to the clubhouse this evening, put some money over the bar and donate generously to this most worthy of causes - the proceeds of tonight's Junior Presentation raffle will be donated to the ABF.

Jim Duffy of ABF has cancelled a prior arrangement to be with us tonight - let's show him what the club is capable of!


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