Centre of Excellence attendee register

We have allocated the attendees as follows:

Joseph Arundell
Campbell Barlow
Owen Kelly
Robert Carr
Adam Langhorne
Michael Cullen
Joe Shields
Liam Deighton
Peter While
Jack Heads
Josh Dowson
Steven Male
Matthew Roberts
Steven Mather
Joe Wilson
Dan Osborne
John Southcott
Christopher Gill
Tom Stockton
Bradlee Goldsmith
Sam Vernon
Adam Heseltine
Angus Barlow
James Irving
Keiran Doshi
Tom Joashi
Ted While
Finnis Barlow
Daniel Winter
Ryan Campbell
Georgina Sutton-Walker
John Clark
Robin Dell

Andrew Gordon
Jonathan Carr
Alex Hartley
Tom Dowson
James Metcalfe
Jordan Forbes
Jordan Moss
Ryan Goldsmith
Alexander Rowe
James Kelly
Toby Lush
Abby Blenkiron
Toby Newton
Lucy Hartley
Matthew Price
Amy Jobling
Sam Winter

Please check that your child is on an appropriate night - we have tried where possible to even the numbers and groups out over the two nights.

If your child is unable to attend on the night indicated, please get in touch ASAP with Andy Barlow on 01748 826613 or 07830 302268.

A map and further instructions will be posted in the next couple of days.


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