SPL match report Royals vs Daredevils 22/7/11

Royals 232 (252/4), Daredevils 214 (249/7)

There was a big black cloud over Gilling at the start of play, thankfully the rain stayed away and by the end the sun was shining.

Due to it being the start of the summer holidays fewer players attended than usual, Joe Alderdice (under 9s) played his first cricket match for the Daredevils. In total there were 8 Royals and 5 Daredevils so Jonathon Baines from the Royals was chosen (through a fair anonymous random selection process!)to swap sides.
The advantage of fewer players was that every player bowled 2 overs and each pair batted 4 overs the final score was counted up at the end of the 12 overs.

The Royals opened the batting with first pair Daniel Baines and Thomas Eddy, by the end of their 4 overs they'd scored 17 runs with the loss of one wicket bowled out by Joe Alderdice,net 217
The second pair Young Toby Broderick (<6yrs) and Ben Parker faced the accurate bowling of Jonathon Baines, Sam Metcalfe, James Longstaffe who took one wicket and Tom Cole who took two wickets in 2 consecutive bowls. By the end of the 8th over the score was 222/4,net 202
Third pair saw the strong batting of Henry Noke(captain) and Jack Eddy, Henry got 14 runs and Jack 11 runs, no wickets were lost. At the end of the 12th over the final score was 252, net 232.
Fourth pair were Ryan Burgess and Henry Noke, their efforts didn't count towards the final score.
The Daredevils bowled and fielded well giving away 5 wide balls, well done to daredevils captain Tom Cole who organised the field with a bit of help from mum Jill on the sidelines.

After drinks and biscuits, the daredevils opened with Joe Alerdice and Tom Cole, the first over was bowled by Henry Noke who hit the wicket on his second bowl, then unfortunately Joe was run out. Jack Eddy bowled the second over missing out on a maiden over by one wide ball, this was followed by younger brother Thomas who bowled the only wicket maiden over of the match, hitting the stump on his fifth ball. Tom Cole hit the ball well not quite hitting the boundary but still managing to get four runs with Joe on two occasions. By the end of the 4th over the score was 216/4, net 196.
The second pair James Longstaff and Harry Mawer both learnt the lesson about standing away from their stumps when swinging the bat, as they both managed to stump themselves out. Little Toby Broderick entertained us with his distinctive bowling action and took one wicket, Harry got 9 runs and James 2 runs. By the end of the 8th over the score was 236/7, net 201.
Final pair Sam Metcalfe and Jon Baines had their work cut out,they defended their wickets well, Ryan Burgess bowled well, Daniel Baines got a maiden over, Jonathon got 4runs and with extras the final score was 249/7 net 214.

Well done to the Royals

Learning points: to run on the outside of the wicket, this protects the ground from damage and also avoids the batsmen dancing around each other in the middle of the wicket!

Man of the match: Jonathon Baines for being such a good sport when chosen to play for the rival team

Thanks to: Paul Eddy and John Broderick for umpiring,
Phil Noke and Jill Cole for managing the teams
Margaret and Amy Alerdice for helping with refreshments
parents for your ongoing support
The boys for their enthusiasm


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