Match Report under 13s D@D Mon 11/7/11 Richmond 219 (254/7)vs Raby Castle 246 (256/2)

Weather: light showers
Alex Rowe- captain won the toss and elected to bat first

Statistics for Richmond's Innings:
first pair: Dominic Meacher-2 runs, no wickets lost,
Andrew Gordon-3 runs, one wicket lost- caught out
second pair:Charlie Bond- 7 runs, no wickets lost
Liam Thackray-4 runs, no wickets lost
third pair: Bradley Galloway-2 runs, lost 1 wicket-caught out
Alex Rowe- 2 runs, lost 1 wicket-ran out
fourth pair: Finnis Barlow-6 runs,lost 2 wickets caught then caught behind
James Probert 1 run, lost 2 wickets bowled then run out

Raby Castle gave us 27 extras by bowling 13 wides and 1 no ball

Statistics for Raby Castle's Innings:
Richmond opened the bowling well, with Andrew and Liam getting maiden overs, in the fourth over Charlie got a wicket maiden, Charlie bowled picked up behind by Finnis who stumped out Raby's opening batman. Andrew, Liam and Charlie kept Raby's first pair's score down to 3 runs.
Unfortunately Richmond couldn't match the wickets scored by Raby, in the ninth over Charlie bowled hitting the stumps getting his second wicket and Richmond's final wicket of the innings.

Richmond gave away 22 extras, bowling 11 wides

Despite losing the match there was some good play, especially by the younger players: Andrew, Liam and Dom.

Man of the Match: Charlie Bond

Thanks to Andy Barlow for umpiring and Kev Bond for scoring


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