Match report SPL Friday 15th July Chargers 235( 250/3) vs Warriors 206 (236/6)

Each player bowled one over, each pair batted two overs, 5 runs taken off for a wicket, 2 runs lost for every no ball or wide ball

The Chargers opened the batting:

first pair: James Norman(6/0) and Daniel Sharp (2/0)
second pair: Joe Carruthers (0/2)and Ben Williamson(0/0) wickets taken by captain of the Warriors Louis Peacock and George McCowie
third pair: Uchenna Anyadiegwu (0/0) and Charlie Stephenson (0/0)
fourth pair: Jordan Forbes (6/1)and Matthew Jinks (2/0)wicket taken by Thomas Callander
fifth pair: Stefan Wardale (0/0) and Matty Callander (6/0)
last pair not counted towards the final score as the Chargers had an extra man- Ben Dale was the 11th man,Louis Peacock took another two wickets, unfortunately these were not counted towards the final score.

The Warriors bowled 15 wides giving away 30 runs.
End of the first innings the score for the Chargers was 250/3 net score 235

After refreshments

The Warriors batted as follows:
first pair: Louis Peacock (5/1) and Tom Ward (3/0)-wicket taken by James Norman
second pair: Tom Dowson (5/2) and Sam Potter (1/0) both wickets taken by Jordan Forbes
third pair: Angus Potter (1/0) and George McCowie (2/1) ran out
fourth pair: Ben Thomson (0/0) and Thomas Callander(0/2) ran out twice during Uchennas over
fifth over: Dylan Guckell (1/0) and Harry Davies (1/0)

Ben Dale from the Chargers bowled the only maiden over of the match.
The Chargers bowled 8 wides giving away 16 runs

By the end of the second innings the score for the Warriors was 236/6 net score 206

All the boys enjoyed themselves well done to the Chargers

Man of the match: Jordan Forbes for his captaincy and all round performance

Thank you to Kevin Forbes, Richard Carruthers and Richard Dowson for their help umpiring and managing the teams and to Daniel Osborne for scoring


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