Match report 24/6/11 under 13s D+D league against Darlington

Score Richmond 278 (308 for 6) : Darlington 261 ( 271 for 2)
This league match was played at Gilling on a sunny morning though there was a cold breeze. Due to good weather we decided to play 20 overs per innings(5 overs per pair)
Richmond won the toss and elected to bat first.
Sam Winter and Lewis Cocks opened , they both got 7 runs each with a couple of byes and didn't lose a wicket.
Second pair Owen Kelly and Finnis Barlow had a difficult time, Owen got 14 runs, including two fours,but lost 3 wickets- bowled out once and unusually caught out twice, Finnis managed one run keeping Owen on bat.
Third pair Adam Langthorne and Joe Shields boosted the runs they both batted strongly Adam 19 runs, Joe 14 runs , Adam hit a couple of fours they didn't lose a wicket.
Fourth pair Dan Winter and Tom Cookson boosted the score by 12 runs net, Dan got 14runs but lost 2 wickets being bowled out twice, Tom got 9 runs, and was bowled out once.
Darlington bowled and fielded well.
Richmond scored 308 for 6 , 278 net. Darlington gave us 14 'runs' by bowling 6 wides and 1 no ball

In the second innings Darlingtons score was closely matched to Richmond's up until the 12th over, the biggest difference in the teams was that Darlington lost fewer wickets. Adam bowled well getting one maiden over, only 6 runs were scored from his 4 overs. There was some good fielding notably by Tom on the boundary and Lewis who picked up a significant number of balls.
Darlingtons final pair Josh Dowson and Ollie Smith needed to score 39 off 5 overs, they were facing the bowling of Owen and Joe which kept the runs down, at the end of the 19th over the score was 261 (266 for 1) Darlington needed 18 off the last over to win. The tension mounted as Lewis Cocks had not bowled, Owen (captain)had not realised that all the players need to bowl at least one over in pairs cricket. Lewis bowled the last over, he rose to the challenge hitting the stump on his third ball.
Darlington scored 271 for 2, 261 net, Richmond gave Darlington 8 'runs'from 4 wides

Man of the match: Adam Langthorne for his excellent all round performance and encouragement of the field.

Well done lads it was good to beat Darlington after our previous match, when they beat us by one run

Thanks to Andy Barlow for umpiring and Christine for keeping us well supplied with drinks


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